Reichhart Memorial International Metabolic Cancer Conference – “Tripping Over the Truth”

Dr. Akbar Khan presented a lecture on metabolic cancer treatment at the Tripping Over the Truth Retreat, Nov 3 – 5, 2017 at the Maritime Conference Center in Baltimore, MD. This conference represented a paradigm-shifting renaissance in the understanding, treatment, and prevention of cancer and chronic disease! It is named after the book Tripping Over the Truth by author Travis Christofferson. In his book, Travis explains the complicated metabolic mechanisms of cancer in a manner that an educated non-medical person can follow. This book is recommended reading for the cancer patient who wishes to better understand the disease.

The conference was organized by visionary Dr. George Yu, a board certified urologist, together with the Reichhart family, who brought together world leaders in the field of cancer metabolism from USA, Canada, Taiwan, Turkey, France and Greece. The conference was held in memory of Mr. Brett Reichhart who passed away from brain cancer (glioblastoma), and was sponsored by the Reichart family and the Yu Foundation.

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