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Dr. Khan Live on CityNews

Medicor’s Medical Director and Founder Dr. Akbar Khan appeared live on CityNews to discuss former Mayor Rob Ford’s cancer diagnosis (2014).


  • a new concept in cancer therapy – the metabolic approach (diet, DCA, 3BP, glutamine blocking etc)
  • over 40 speakers presented various topics
  • many renowned doctors from USA, France, Taiwan, Canada, Greece, England and Turkey (Harvard, Johns Hopkins, U of Maryland, Columbia U, Stanford, Boston College, UCSF etc.)
  • celebrity chefs and nutritionists
  • Dr. Khan presented a lecture about DCA as a non-toxic metabolic cancer therapy, and moderated a panel discussion about chemotherapy
  • videos of the entire conference will be available soon!

Sep 16, 2017 - Dr. Khan discusses "safe" chemo with Ted Woloshyn on Newstalk 1010

Meet Our Newest Collaborating Partner Dr. George Grant

Dr. Grant is regarded as the top integrative doctor in Canada! He strongly believes cancer can be treated using non-toxic strategies, and he a proponent of prevention being the best cure. We are confident that our patients will benefit from working with Dr. Grant to enhance their cancer prevention and treatment plans. Read more about Dr. Grant on our Collaboration page.


Shocking New Article by Tom Blackwell About Cancer Drugs

“…While an early stage study found the medicine shrunk tumours in about half of patients, there is no evidence…it helps them live longer or improves their quality of life. Still, manufacturer…charged a small fortune for the drug: about $122,000 a year.”


New DCA Publication!

New peer-reviewed publication from Dr. Khan and Dr. Andrews in the World Journal of Clinical Oncology!


pubmed-logoDCA therapy can result in a classic response which is measured by reduction or disappearance of tumours on imaging. However, DCA can also halt cancer cell growth without causing apoptosis (cytostatic effect). This can result in long-term stabilization of metastatic cancer. We present a case of oral DCA therapy resulting in reduction and stabilization of metastatic melanoma in a 32-year-old male for over 4 years, with only minor side effects.

World Journal of Clinical Oncology

“The possibilities for medicine in our high-tech era are nothing short of astounding. But the health system is choking on the pace of progress, hampered by old-school management and humbled by the enormity of change needed to realize our ambitions.”

Marcia Kaye, uoftmedmagazine.utoronto.ca, Winter 2017

“At Medicor we are not only ready for change, we are leading the way with a novel overall approach to cancer. We don’t allow health system rationing or politics to influence medical decisions, and we simply base our work on the latest scientific information from around the world.”

Humaira Khan, MBBS,MHSc, Medicor CEO

A New Paradigm of Non-Toxic Cancer Treatment

Many conventional cancer therapies (like cytotoxic chemotherapy) have limited success rates and potential life-altering side effects. Patients are increasingly educating themselves about the true risks and benefits of conventional therapies, and are choosing natural medicines to lessen side effects, or are choosing evidence-based alternative therapies that are more humane, and have a more promising outlook. Cancer treatment should not be a trade-off between quality of life and improved survival.

Our goal is to meet the needs of these patients. We offer a number of evidence-based allopathic therapies to address this need, such as “side effect free” chemo (SEF chemo), dichloroacetate (DCA), low dose naltrexone (LDN) and dimethysulfoxide (DMSO). We also offer a variety of evidence-based natural therapies such as nano-carbon curcumin, MSM, oleanolic acid, caffeic acid, intravenous vitamin C, European mistletoe extract, high dose vitamin D, fermented wheat germ extract, magnolia tree extract and many others.

“In 2007 Patrick Sullivan’s toddler son, Finn, at a tender 21 months old, was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer of the soft tissue that mainly affects children. At that time, 30% of kids with rhabdomyosarcoma died within 5 years…Has medicine changed since then?…the death rate of children diagnosed today with Finn’s condition? It’s the very same…”

Marcia Kaye, uoftmedmagazine.utoronto.ca, Winter 2017

“To improve upon the ‘standard of care’ we must first recognize the deficiencies. Are patients told that traditional chemotherapy only makes a minor contribution to long-term survival in adult cancers? We need to accept the data, alter our approach, and not look back.”

Akbar Khan, MD, Medicor Medical Director

First "Side Effect Free" Chemo Centre in Canada

Many researchers around the world are trying to develop drugs which target cancer cells while sparing healthy cells in the body from injury. This has largely been a failure. Dr. Ken Matsumura (inventor of the artificial liver and pancreas) selected the opposite approach: use a powerful chemotherapy drug that aggressively kills cancer cells but also damages some healthy cells, combined with an antidote to protect the healthy cells in the body. It took over 30 years of research to develop this new therapy, and Dr. Matsumura honoured us by allowing Medicor doctors to use it since mid-2013. We believe this is the single most effective cancer therapy available in North America. Some oncologists who witnessed the results of SEF chemo first-hand called it “remarkable”. Yet others refused to believe the conclusive results, and generated intense opposition, causing the College of Physicians to stop us from administering this lifesaving treatment. Perhaps doctors feared the tremendous implications of the existence of such revolutionary treatment in Canada. Fortunately SEF chemo is still available in USA. Read more about this powerful chemo-immunotherapy, and learn if it is right for you!

“In the 2014 Commonwealth ranking of health systems in 11 countries, how did Canada rank in overall quality? Not first. Not second. Not even in the top 5. No, Canada came second last…on several measures, we came dead last…the U.K. ranked first overall, despite spending less per capita than we do.”

Marcia Kaye, uoftmedmagazine.utoronto.ca, Winter 2017

“Prevention is the most affordable and effective method of dealing with the current wave of chronic diseases, including cancer. But the health system places little focus on this unexciting strategy. Fancy (and costly) new drugs get all the hype, and funding. We are changing that with a 5 point cancer prevention program that is the first of its kind in Canada!”

Humaira Khan, MBBS, MHSc, epidemiologist and Medicor CEO

A Canadian First - Prevention is the New Cure!

You hear it often: prevention is the best medicine! But current prevention efforts have hardly made a dent in new cancer cases. Smoking is still the #1 cause of cancer deaths worldwide. Medicor presents a way to cut out the carcinogens and manage your nicotine addition – Canada’s first doctor-supported electronic cigarettes! Our statement to smokers is: Don’t quit, CHANGE! One major challenge with cancer is lack of reliable early detection. Most cancers are detected late (stage 3 or 4) leaving mainly harsh non-curative therapies for their management. Cutting edge ultra-early detection with the ONCOblot blood test provides you a new defense against this frightening disease. Simple natural prevention measures like high dose vitamin D are now proven to be effective for cancer prevention, but your doctor may not be aware of them. We present the research and encourage you help spread the word! Joining us on the prevention journey is Tosca Reno, fitness and nutrition expert, and founder of the Eat Clean Diet®. Connect with her to complete your personal prevention program!

“In order to change a system as massive as diverse as ours, we need to struggle against the inertia of the status quo…”

Michael Decter, uoftmedmagazine.utoronto.ca, Winter 2017

“At Medicor, our anti-cancer strategies are dynamic. We are constantly looking at new cancer therapies, and balancing the cost, efficacy, and safety before we make them available. Cancer is a national emergency – stagnation is not an option.”

Akbar Khan, MD, Medicor Medical Director

Leading Clinical Experience with Dichloroacetate (DCA)

Sodium dichloroacetate (DCA) has been studied as a unique metabolic cancer therapy since 2007 when Bonnet and Michelakis published a combined in vitro / in vivo rat study demonstrating the value of DCA in treating human lung, breast and brain cancers by a new mechanism: inhibition of the mitochondrial enzyme pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase. This causes cancer cells to become starved for energy (main energy source is glucose), and the cells then undergo natural cell suicide (apoptosis). Medicor Cancer Centres was the first cancer clinic in North America to begin prescribing DCA off-label to cancer patients (in April 2007) under the full supervision of a medical team. We have treated over 2000 patients with this promising non-toxic therapy, and we have published several papers on its use in humans. Now hundred of publications from around the world support DCA as a cancer therapy. Learn more about this unique metabolic cancer therapy.

“We need to change the regulatory framework to advance things faster…Nobody wants to harm anyone…But we have to start asking what harm we do by not changing.”

Prof. Gary Bader, uoftmedmagazine.utoronto.ca, Winter 2017

“New therapies can take a decade to complete clinical trials and become ‘approved’. Cancer patients don’t have the luxury of time. At Medicor we focus on scientifically valid off-label therapies, which legally can be used without undue delay.”

Akbar Khan, MD, Medicor Medical Director

DMSO / Sodium Bicarbonate Intravenous Infusion

Dr. Ba Hoang has published the world’s first human research on DMSO / sodium bicarbonate for the treatment of cancer. Dr. Hoang, MD, PhD, is a professor at the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California. We were honoured to have him visit the Medicor office to educate us on the correct use of his DMSO protocols. We now have over 2 years’ experience using intravenous DMSO. This therapy has significant benefits in terms of pain and symptom control, as well as cancer control or cancer reduction, with mild side effects like headache or garlic-like odour. We have even witnessed remission of end-stage acute leukemia and chronic leukemia using this gentle, safe therapy.

“What needs fixing? Foremost, we must repair the pathway by which discovery becomes care…for some cancers technological advances have enabled determination of whether a patient is responding to therapeutic intervention within days, not months — the latter a waiting period dictated by current (sub)standard of practice. Further still, we have technology in the pipeline that can determine whether a patient will respond to therapy ahead of initiating it.”

Prof. Michael Julius, uoftmedmagazine.utoronto.ca, Winter 2017

“Testing in advance to determine if a therapy will work is available in USA and Europe. Despite being validated by research, unfortunately it is rarely recommended at major cancer hospitals, partly because it is not government funded. At Medicor we have been offering such testing for nearly 10 years.”

Humaira Khan, MBBS, MHSc, Medicor CEO

Low Dose Naltrexone - Using the Body's Endorphins to Fight Cancer

Low dose naltrexone (LDN) is a gentle cancer therapy available at Medicor. Naltrexone is a drug that blocks the effects of opioids like codeine, morphine, heroin, hydromorphone, oxycodone and methadone. Dr. Bernard Bihari (a neurologist in New York) discovered that low doses of naltrexone (3-4mg a day) can treat various immune diseases as well as cancer. LDN works by paroxically boosting the levels of a natural opioid in the body called OGF (opioid growth factor). Many cancers respond to the increased levels of OGF, and their growth can be stopped or slowed down. Learn more about LDN.


Medicor’s medical director has published groundbreaking articles in various peer-reviewed medical journals around the world since 2011. He was the first to publish human data about dichloroacetate (DCA) in cancer symptom control, intravenous DCA as an effective cancer therapy, and the curative potential of DCA when combined with radiation. He has also published the world’s first case report on chronic use of DCA as a cancer stabilizing therapy, and a remarkable case report of cancer remission with low dose naltrexone (LDN) combined with high dose vitamin D. Read about Dr. Khan’s publications on the About our Medical Director page.


Medicor supports, and is an active member of the LDN Research Trust, a registered charity (based in U.K.) dedicated to educating physicians and the public, and helping to fund novel research into low dose naltrexone. Dr. Akbar Khan is also a volunteer Medical Advisor for the LDN Research Trust.


Medicor supports the Canadian Vaping Association, an organization dedicated to promoting vaping as a safer alternative to cigarette smoking, and to informing and educating the public about the benefits of vaping.


Medicor’s medical director is a member of the Canadian Society for Orthomolecular Medicine. The CSOM is the foremost not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of orthomolecular medicine within Canada. The Society serves to unite and support health care professionals with an interest in the science of nutritional biochemistry, and it’s application in the prevention and treatment of disease.

Smoking Vapor LLC Partner

Medicor is a proud partner of Smoking Vapor LLC of Phoenix, AZ, a manufacturer of premium electronic cigarettes. SV is focused on producing safe, high quality electronic cigarettes, designed to help smoker obtain satisfaction to make the switch with ease, and make a positive change in their lives.

Medicor doctors have been featured regularly in the media since 2006


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