At Medicor, we are always in search of promising new cancer therapies for our patients. We believe in collaborating with other physicians and sharing information for innovation, improvement of therapies and for the advancement of medical science. Below are a few of the prominent doctors and researchers with whom we have established ongoing relationships to increase our understanding and also share our knowledge of cancer therapeutics. They are listed alphabetically.

Dr. Burton Berkson

Founder and Director of the Integrative Medical Center, New Mexico, USA

Dr. Akbar Khan and Dr. Burton Berkson at the OncANP conference in Carefree, Arizona (April 2012)

Dr. Berkson is a pioneer in the use of integrated therapies for cancer and other illnesses. He is an expert in the use of the natural medicine alpha lipoic acid as a component of cancer therapy, along with low dose naltrexone, and has published the first case reports of human efficacy of these gentle medications in metastatic pancreatic cancer. A list of his publications can be found on Medline, here.



Dr. Harold C. Clark and Dr. Mariela Clark

Drs. Harold and Mariela Clarke run an innovative integrative medical practice in New Rochelle, New York, USA. They frequently collaborate with Dr. Ursula Jacob (see below).

Dr. Akbar Khan meeting with Drs. Harold and Mariela Clark in New York (Nov 2010)


Dr. Isaac Eliaz |
Dr. Isaac Eliaz is a respected author, lecturer, researcher, product formulator, and clinical practitioner. He has been a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine since the early 1980s. Dr. Eliaz regularly participates in clinical studies and has been published in well-recognized, peer-reviewed journals.

He is also co-author of the world’s first research paper on intravenous use of dichloroacetate in cancer therapy.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz seated with Dr. Akbar Khan


Dr. George Grant

Dr. Grant is considered the Canadian authority in integrative medicine. Dr. Grant is an expert in biofeedback, stress, anti-aging and natural pain management. He is the founder & CEO of the Academy Of Wellness. Dr. Grant enjoys a stellar academic career in research. He is a scientist, professor, chemist, toxicologist, nutritionist, biofeedback, stress management and a pain specialist. Dr. Grant has worked as a Senior Consultant for Health Canada, FDA and CDC. Dr. Grant has helped fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and Olympic athletes along with 5000 clients worldwide. He has over 100 published articles, conference presentations, book reviews and seven bestselling books.

Dr. Grant firmly believes in the Medicor philosophy of non-toxic cancer therapy, and that prevention is the best cure for cancer that we have today. We are honoured to work with him.


Dr. Ursula Jacob

Founder and Medical Director of the “Dr. Ursula Jacob Dayclinic for Prevention and Regeneration”, Germany

Dr. Akbar Khan meeting with Dr. Ursula Jacob in New York (Nov 2010)

Dr. Jacob is the founder and medical director of a private clinic in Germany that provides advanced cancer treatments, many of which are not available in North America. Treatments are based on a scientific, integrated and personalized approach. Her clinic became known worldwide after model and actress Farrah Fawcett traveled there for her own cancer treatment, and televised a documentary about her experience as a cancer patient.


Dr. Chul Jun Kim

CEO Healing Garden Hospital, Seoul, Korea

Dr. Akbar Khan and Dr. Chul Jun Kim at the Medicor Office (Sept 2010)

Dr. Kim visited Medicor Cancer Centres in 2010 to discuss gentler cancer therapies for older patients who are poor candidates for harsh conventional therapies such as chemotherapy. While working with Dr. Khan and Dr. Andrews, he gained practical knowledge for the use of DCA and LDN, as well as various natural therapies.


Dr. Young Ko and Dr. Peter Pedersen

Dr. Young Ko and Dr. Peter Pedersen with Dr. Humaira Khan, Medicor CEO (left) and Dr. Akbar Khan Medicor Medical Director (right) at the Medicor Office in Toronto, December 2008.

Dr. Ko and Dr. Pedersen are professors at the Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Maryland, USA). They have conducted pioneering research into an exciting anti-cancer drug called 3-bromopyruvate in animal tumour models. Their research has demonstrated cures of liver cancer in rats though intra-tumoural injection and intra-arterial infusion of 3-BP with minimal toxicity to the animals. They are currently in need of support for ongoing research in humans. A list of their publications can be found on Medline, here.


Dr. Denis Marier

Dr. Marier is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and is a registered Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. He has completed training in Mind / Body Medicine and Positive Psychology at
Harvard University Medical School’s Institute of Mind / Body Medicine. Dr. Marier has also completed a master’s degree in Ecopsychology through Naropa University, bringing nature-based therapies and ecological considerations into his practice. Dr. Marier has participated in volunteer medical relief work in India, South Africa and Haiti.

Dr. Marier has collaborated with Medicor in developing an anti-cancer strategy combining natural therapies with intravenous dicholoracetate. He is also co-author of the world’s first research paper on intravenous use of dichloroacetate in cancer therapy.

Dr. Akbar Khan at a dinner meeting with Dr. Marier in Windsor, Ontario (Dec 2011)
Dr. Marier with his certified therapy dog Dharma (Dec 2011)


Dr. Eric Marsden

Founder of the Marsden Center for Naturopathic Excellence, Maple, Ontario

Dr. Marsden obtained his undergraduate degree in Human Biology at the University of Toronto and completed his graduate studies in Naturopathic Medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Dr. Marsden has also received extensive training in adjuvant cancer therapies from several distinguished clinics and teaching institutions in Germany.

Dr. Marsden is the clinic director for The Marsden Centre of Naturopathic Excellence and co-founder and President of BMS Resources (the professional Dispensary and bookstore for the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine). Dr. Marsden has received several awards for clinical excellence including most recently the OAND’s Chair’s award for outstanding contribution to the naturopathic profession. He has appeared on television (CBC Marketplace and 2nd Opinion) and has been quoted extensively in print (Now, Toronto Star, Readers Digest, etc.). Dr. Marsden is an international lecturer on topics of environmental medicine and integrative oncology.

Dr. Marsden is currently collaborating with Medicor Cancer Centres in developing an anti-cancer strategy combining natural therapies with intravenous dicholoracetate. He is also co-author of the world’s first research paper on intravenous use of dichloroacetate in cancer therapy.

Dr. Akbar Khan and Dr. Eric Marsden at the OncANP conference in Carefree, Arizona (April 2012)


Dr. Ken Matsumura

Founder of the Berkeley Institute International and the Alin foundation.

Dr. Matsumura is a world-renowned scientist.  He developed the HeartAlarm® Wristwatch that gives advanced warning against heart attacks, invented the bio-artificial liver, and invented the artificial pancreas which in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, NASA invited onto the Space Shuttle. His bio-artificial liver is listed in several international websites as one of the top ten inventions of the past decade, along with YouTube® and iPaD®. His bio-artificial liver was honored by Time magazine as an Invention of the Year in 2001.

Dr. Matsumura discovered the breakthrough drug that eliminates serious side effects of cancer chemotherapy.  By also protecting the immune system from destruction during chemotherapy, his new medicament makes ordinary cancer drugs into powerful agents that have saved consecutive terminal patients at the start of Phase II clinical trials.  The longest survivor is a lung cancer patient now living over 9 years without a trace of cancer.  The next longest survivor, who had stage four breast cancer with non-eradicable liver metastasis, has also been living without cancer for 9 years.

A note from the Medical Director: Without the tireless efforts of Mr. Robert Curto (of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) to connect various professionals in the field of cancer therapy, we would not have known of Dr. Matsumura and his remarkable achievements. Mr. Curto advised us of the existence of “Safe Chemo” (previously known as “ToxFree Chemo”) in 2007. This sparked our interest and we got in touch with Dr. Matsumura immediately. At the time, the therapy was being refined and Dr. Matsumura was not prepared to have it administered at our clinic. However, patience led to a call from Dr. Matsumura in the summer of 2013, indicating his willingness to permit the “Safe” chemo program to expand to Toronto. We have now witnessed our first complete remission of incurable stage 4 cancer using this therapy (no evidence of cancer by CT scan, blood  markers and circulating tumour cell count). Other patients are doing very well and hopefully are not far behind. Amazing results have been achieved in pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, melanoma and breast cancer (all stage 4).  A big thank you Robert!
Dr. Khan meeting Mr. Robert Curto for the first time in May 2014


Dr. Gurdev Parmar

Founder and Director of the Integrated Health ClinicTM

Dr. Gurdev Parmar and Dr. Akbar Khan meeting in Toronto (Nov 2011).

Dr. Parmar is a respected leader in the field of Naturopathic Medicine, specializing in and recognized for the treatment of cancer. He and his wife, Dr. Karen Parmar launched the Integrated Health ClinicTM in 2000 and have since facilitated its growth to become one of the largest and most successful integrated health care facilities in Canada. Dr. Parmar’s clinic is the first in Canada to offer hyperthermia treatment in combination with low dose chemotherapy to maximize the effect of the chemotherapy while reducing side effects.

Dr. Parmar was the first Canadian Naturopathic Physician to hold a Fellowship to the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology. Working closely with oncologists both locally and abroad (with patient referrals coming from all across Canada and internationally) he has been consulting on a regular basis at the Lions Gate Hospital cancer clinic since 2008. Dr. Parmar was also recognized for his tremendous successes in his private practice and his international medical relief work with a nomination for the prestigious 2007 Dr. Rogers Prize.

Aside from running a busy medical facility and caring for the patients in his practice, Dr. Parmar has extended medical relief to the residents of the island of Kho Khao in Thailand. After the tsunami, Dr. Parmar visited the island and has since built an Integrated Health Clinic through his H.E.L.P. Foundation.

Dr. Parmar is currently collaborating with Medicor Cancer Centres in developing an anti-cancer strategy combining natural therapies and hyperthermia with intravenous dicholoracetate.


Dr. Vikas Sukhatme and Vidula Sukhatme

Founders of Global Cures

Dr. Akbar Khan with Dr. Vikas Sukhatme and Vidula Sukhatme in Boston (June 2011)

Dr. Vikas Sukhatme is Chief Academic Officer at BIDMC, Harvard University.

He and his wife Vidula founded GlobalCures, a non-profit medical research organization with a mission to help patients find their best treatment options, share their clinical outcomes and fund clinical trials of promising generic therapies that would not normally be funded. Without such trials, one may never know if the drugs/therapies in question are really working or not. They may work for a while and then fail later. They may work best in conjunction with standard chemotherapy. They may have unexpected side-effects. They may work only in a sub-group of cancer patients. These are the types of questions that will be answered by the clinical trials that GlobalCures will conduct.

Most importantly, physicians will be reluctant to prescribe these therapies without such data, i.e. potential patient benefit versus risk of the therapy. In addition, physicians worry about losing their license or being sued for prescribing un-validated therapies; they may get derided by their colleagues, and they may not understand the rationale for the therapy or its interaction with more conventional therapies in the absence of rigorous data.

One of the targets for research funding is the drug dichloroacetate (DCA). Dr. Sukhatme has already published a paper on a new method of using MRI spectroscopy to rapidly and non-invasively detect if DCA is working within a patient’s body against their